from pain to freedom girl on beach

Transforming Our Pain into Freedom

Life is a flow of inhalations and exhalations; it is a journey. It comes with its joys and sorrows, its ups and downs. Finding happiness and peace within every situation is our challenge.
Our work is how to navigate and enjoy the ups, the in-betweens, and the downs without creating any aversion to them. We need to do this without drowning in the depth of the pain. We can overcome by allowing ourselves to feel it, but not letting it get stuck in us or possess us.

What I try to do during my downs is to feel and observe everything showing up, from a place behind these emotions. I try to look for a bit of sunshine if possible. If not, I visualize a radiant sun above me and shining through my chest. I remain still and breathe deeply, relaxing my shoulders and back. I start to focus on the area of the heart in the middle of my chest and just try to feel it all and then I soften. Repeatedly, I soften and open, and relax my shoulders and back once more.

I continue to breathe, and with each exhale, I let go of the discomfort and pain. This allows them to be transmuted by a burning fire, by a warmth that can be felt in the heart center. I purify and release the blocked energy that was there. I let it all come up and out through my breath, through that “breath within my breath.” When I do this, I really feel sustained by mother earth and all the cosmic forces. The universe and the divine spark of sacredness which also lives in me, comes to my assistance. Slowly the pain starts to loosen its grip on me, and it starts to vanish.

With each inhale I feel more strength, I feel new energy flowing within me. Whenever I purify these discomforts, choosing to let them all pass through me, I feel I create more space, I expand, and create more energy. By this feeling of expansion and renewed energy, I am filled with new hope. I repeat this as many times as necessary.

Pain is a great teacher, it penetrates us; thus, giving us the opportunity for transformation, healing, wisdom, and growth. Remember, when you are having one of those down days, you are not alone, we are never alone.

There is always light at the end of the tunnel and we are part of that light. We are the very source of light and energy, we are spirits. May we always see the light in the little things around us. Let’s not give up. As long as we have one more breath, we still have time. We are ok, we will be ok. Just look at how far we have come.

Keep in mind our lives don’t have to be perfect to be beautiful. The beauty lies in embracing all life with love, and wonder. Keep looking for the light inside and around us, because sometimes we cannot see it immediately. Deep inside we already know this light is always there and has no end.

When we put into practice all that we have learned, that very effort supports us, our perspectives change, and our worlds change. We can only work on ourselves, and in doing so, the world will benefit.

Change begins with every one of us, by considering how we can best serve, help, and love more. The biggest gift and the highest form of service we can give to the world right now is to keep our light shining. We can create more light within ourselves by holding our powerful, positive, and creative intentions in our hearts. We can choose love over fear.

We can achieve wonders if we remember that we are the creators. We are love, we are free to choose our mindset and all that we focus on. We are perfect in our truest, purest essence, we are unique and singular, and we all have the ability and the right to shine.

Written by Andrea Navascués (Peru)