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Yin Yoga Course 25 hours

Yin Yoga is an opportunity to combine physical practice with meditation and deep breathing, and is very complementary to more vigorous yoga styles, athletes, and people with high-stress lives.

Therapeutic Yoga Course 60 hours

Therapeutic Yoga is an amazing healing technology based on simple principles applied to every movement.  Once you understand the 3 Gates theory, practicing and using it become your new tool for yourself, and if you are a teacher, a great blessing to your students. 

Alignment – Building Poses from the Ground Up

Learn how to build yoga poses from the ground up.  Instead of memorization, learn the fundamental components of how to arrange the body in space to develop more flexibility, strength, coordination and ability in movement.

Sequence Design Course 50 hours

Building poses from the ground up, with breathing and fluid transitions is a valuable skill.  Knowing how to create sequences which remove pain, and bring pleasure to the body is the focus of this course.

Online Courses

Email me with any questions.

Upon purchase, you will receive a personal email introducing you to your course. I am available for Q & A weekly, and will personally guide you through the courses.  You can email me to find out if a particular course is good for your needs, or to find out about other courses that might not be currently listed.

Our Mission

The World Yoga Institute has one goal,
to elevate the quality of human life and being.

Are you ready to elevate your life to happiness and clarity?

Claim your inherent birthright and shine on all levels that a human being is able; become the radiant being you were destined to be.

This is well within your reach as you continue your unified yoga practice.


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