Yoga for Beauty

Aesthetic Wellbeing Course

Did you know yoga can create radiant beauty?
Yoga is known for healing injuries, calming the mind, easing back pain and flexibility.
Not many realize yoga can be used for An esthetic wellbeing.

In my 6 month Aesthetic Wellbeing Program, you will discover a new vigor towards life.  Colors, sounds, tastes and experiences will become brighter.  You will glow from the inside, and the outside.

  • Enjoy yoga for boosting cell vibrancy
  • Refresh your perspective with the Yoga of Emotions
  • Deeply cleanse muscles and skin of toxic residue

This program includes:

  • 6 months of skin formulas customized each month($1999 Value)
  • Welcome package including mat, yogic hygiene tools, bolster, therapeutic full body skin treatments, herbal preparations and other secret ingredients for a youthful life($900 Value)
  • Personal Yoga Portal w/ Lectures on yogas of rejuvenation, reading, and weekly therapeutic yoga (Priceless)

To join the program and learn the ancient secrets for reverse aging in today’s unusual environment, email me to begin the conversation and see if this program is a good fit for your needs.

Email me to begin the conversation:

Love & Light,

Rae Indigo

Founder of the World Yoga Institute

rae indigo meditating on rocks by the ocean