UNITED YOGA Courses ~ Peru Nov. 2023

Art in Movement ~ Creating Excellence in Yoga

Founded by Rae Indigo

Full Body Flow

Nov. 24th & 25th
8:30 – 4:30pm

Our physical body needs daily movement therapy. Without attention, our body gets weak, tight and misaligned, making everyday life painful, and often exhausting.

In the upcoming Full Body Flow Course, you will experience a full spectrum of movements that not only tones and makes your body more flexible, but also creates much more awareness and coordination.

You will learn foundational movements from Yoga, Martial Arts, Dance and Functional Training, and how the relationship between these transformative practices combine to ensure positive body flow, and an improved physical ability.

You will feel great from these practices.

These movements will be brought together in our sequencing section, so whether you are a professional teacher looking for more ways to bring benefits to clients, or an individual looking to broaden and improve your physical abilities, you will find this course fun, inspiring and challenging.

This is an all-level course, some people need more therapeutic movements, others need more advanced and challenging agility training and you will be guided based on your current level of ability, with a clear and accessible path to advance you to the next level.

This course will show each movement from the therapeutic variation all the way to the most advanced variation, so you can choose what is best for you or your client’s current needs.

In our alignment portion, you will learn flexibility and strengthening movements for arms, shoulders, hips, knees, ankles, core, back and neck.

In our sequencing section, we will bring each movement style together in intelligent and inspiring sequences.

Join me for this 2-day immersion into Full Body Flow!

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