UNITED YOGA Courses ~ Peru Nov. 2023

Art in Movement ~ Creating Excellence in Yoga

Founded by Rae Indigo

Our breath is the bridge between our physical body and our emotional body.

As soon as we become stressed or upset, our breath changes, but this phenomena works both ways.

So it’s essential that we learn how to control this.

If we are experiencing a negative emotion we can change our state just by controlling our breathing.

Which makes breath mastery an invaluable tool in the modern world because we are constantly bombarded by information and other people’s emotions.

Whether you have a professional presentation to deliver and suffer from nervousness, or you are going through a challenging time, understanding how to utilize your breath to create a positive state changes not only your experience in life, but also changes your results.

In this refreshing course, we focus on specific breath practices to unlock and unblock our energies, emotions and create a positive mental state for modern living.

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