Are you ready to become one of the very few?

The World Yoga Institute Master of Yoga is the highest level of Yoga in the world today.

The ancient ideal of yoga was to enable one not just to become healthy, and free of injury and negative emotions, but to become extraordinary in all areas of life. A super being, skillful and radiating grace.

Because yogic practices have been degraded to flexibility inducing physical fitness, most people are not aware of the transformation hidden in the higher teachings of the yogic arts.

It has been my dream for many years to distill these higher practices into an elite training, taking those who are willing to become truly excellent in physical grace, emotional radiance, and mental clarity through the rarely revealed steps to realize your true and powerful abilities.

My approach preserves the intention of  wisdom and ability made clear by the ancient Gurus and seamlessly integrates the key elements of modern-day life mastery.

This represents a rare opportunity to make one of the best investments in yourself if you are accepted.  Master and Grandmaster application is only available to those who are ready to demonstrate their commitment and desire.

The Master of Yoga requires significant focus and dedication from me and you.

Be ready to become one of the very few.  A rare and precious being.

Email me to begin the conversation:

Love & Light,

Rae Indigo

Founder of the World Yoga Institute

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