The Art of Pranayama 

100 hour specialization

3 month online course 

*certification issued upon demonstration of new abilities not hours completed.  Some will graduate early, all will graduate skilled.


The effect of habitual tension is stress, and a body that feels compressed.  When you are in control of your breath, you dissolve tension, and regulate the mind.  Carrying tension is like pulling the past ahead of you.  

When the past is in front of you, the future is limited.  The body holds to the past injuries constricting movement.  This continual recreation of injury is what makes chronic pain.

Using breath correctly discharges constrictions, and when done with proper bandhas and alignment, the physical body generates new tissue.  Full recovery doesn’t have to be slow.  The Art of Pranayama is a yogi’s true secret super power.

When the past is in front of you, your relationships are tempered by traumas.  Using pranayama, one also learns how to breath life into relationships.  Of course, seeing others as a part of you is a prerequisite. 

The Art of Pranayama course teaches you how to breath using an intensified, pure source.  Working with this distillation of spirit, the yogi can direct this into:

  • All Bodies
  • Relationships
  • Any work for income or karmic debt
  • Connection with divine

You will learn about the internal energy systems, chakras, bandhas, vayus, nadis, and know how to create and direct energy through your system.  This course is much more than a course on breathing…

Certification issued upon demonstration of each individual participant’s new abilities, extra instruction given as needed.  The focus of this course is on results, not completion of hours.  Some may graduate early, all will graduate skilled.  With correct practice, all is coming.

Requirements:  200 hour yoga certification preferred.  Application process.

If you have a subscription, write to me for your individual payment link, because each subscription gets you a unique discount for all courses.

Begins January 23rd.

Saturday full day 8:30-4pm, Tuesday 2-3 hours.

Special Price and Payment Plan for Nikki

17 months at $100 per month